Branding the importance of keeping it consistant.

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Logos and branding are a very personal thing to clients. Often people have a clear idea of what they want or don’t want from their logo. This obviously changes once their ideas are brought to life, a definite colour choice doesn’t look right, what you thought would look good sometimes doesn’t. Its a very important decision for a start up business as this will become a symbol for your business. Once you have made that decision its important to stick with it even if you hate it after a few months. Logos are not like a fashion item that can be changed monthly. If you settle on a logo you must allow it to settle and see how the public react to it.

A change in your logo must be hard thought out. Its not just a matter of changing a business card. You must change it across the board. You might also alienate some of your existing customers who were used to the old logo. Don’t just change for the sake of it.

My advice is don’t rush into it and make sure you get lots of independent opinions. You can often be too close to a project that you can no longer see its impact.

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