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So when i started my website a few years ago when I started MC Designs. I was full of intentions to blog weekly for my site, fast forward 7 years later and i am only getting around to redoing my own website. The truth is like the “cobblers children have no shoes” the graphic designer neglected highlighting her own work. You get caught up with doing work for your clients or are crippled with self doubt. What if i write this, what will people think of this?, will i get negative feedback or will anyone care? It took me a long time and a lot of convincing but I have finally updated my own site. I’m now going to resolve myself to have a weekly or at least monthly blog. As well as being a way of showcasing what I am doing, whats current or what people are telling us is current, it’s good for your soul. I was never one for a diary when I was younger and I am not much one for keeping one these days. But i learnt a few years ago there is something cathartic about putting your words down on paper(or typing them out). I suppose we live in a world that we are sharing more and more of our private lives. In branding it’s become an invaluable tool to tell your story. A narriative to your brand. Who are you? Where have you come from? What are you doing? Large corporations can no longer be out of reach they must be as accessible as the corner shop in order to reach out to customers. Social media is used as a fast tool to communicate to the masses whether good or bad. So for my part I will be sharing my thoughts and insights as much as I care to on this my little blog for MC Designs.

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