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I’ve just added my instagram feed to this site. It’s something that i’ve struggled with for a while what do you put up. How do you edit it. What will people think? So i decided to be honest. Like I am with my clients and with my friends. It’s a true representative of what I am doing on that day. Some is self promotion but that is what Social Media is about. It’s like standing on a stage about to speak or sing in front of friends and lots of  strangers. As i’ve got older i’m trying not to worry about what people think of me. Very hard to do at times. It’s all about worrying less and letting go, If you like my posts give them a like if you don’t move on. I’ve learned that I have a large number of people who love and value me and so I am holding on to them.

So what I am saying is be true to yourself and people will appreciate that.



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