Culture Night Kilkenny

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I have to applaud and congratulate the organisers of Culture Night in Kilkenny. This was my first year going around to any of the thousands of events that are held over the country each year. I got down to the Design Centre and Kilkenny Castle. Just as the dusk was settling in the courtyard of the Design Centre was lit up by a makeshift runway, lights from workshops dotted around the half circle and the iconic round windows of the Design Centre in multi-colour hues. There wasn’t a massive crowd but that’s what made it all the more enjoyable. While we looked on at the talented creations from art students of Kilkenny, showing off their designs from Junk Kouture, workshops showing crafts were going on at the outskirts. Tie dye, felt making and screen printing were shown and participated in by adults and children alike. Practices that normally wouldn’t be taught in school or even in some art classes. On one side of the green children ran around a willow structure decorating it will wool, forming a living piece of art. Inside the Craft Gallery were pieces of imagination and so tactile you wanted to touch them. John Rocha, Issey Miyake and Una Burke to name a few.

Kilkenny Castle was also open to the public on a self guided tour. For a few minutes you felt like you were of importance and royalty even. It was quieter than you would experience on any day with tourists bustling about getting selfies and photo documenting ever step of their trip. Out the large windows the city was breathtaking. Back lit by the dusk and dotted with streetlights and passing cars.

Culture Night was an inclusive and enjoyable experience. One that showcased what the city had to offer and allowed a gimppse into places and practices that not everyone would experience on a daily basis. We are lucky to live in a city that values it’s craft and art so highly but also in a Country that still holds in high regard it’s steeped history of art and culture.

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