The Social Media explosion

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I remember getting access to my first internet experience when my brother bought a pc and we signed up for dialup. I was about 15 years old and the world wide web as it was back then was a facinating tool to research for school projects and chat to people near and far in chat rooms. Then came bebo the first way I started to share. My space had come before but I hadn’t got into it. From there we went onto Facebook and now i have a linkedin account, snapchat, instagram and of course a website. Google my name and you’ll probably find an actress from the 40s first but if you search Kilkenny there I am. Of course you can limit what you share to the general public. We give snippets or edited versions of ourselves to sell an idea or give insight to others about ourselves. Snapchat and Instagram have taken over as the tool of choice for countless influencers and shops. Such is our attention span now that we want it instantly. Before we bemoan this and shun away from this you have to look it in monatary terms. If your a business or an individual who is using these tools to gain more gigs you can’t dismiss it. They may be fads but they are what is current. You have to have a rounded brand that includes; logos, printed consumables, web presence, facebook, twitter, instagram and snapchat. There is no exact formula to say do this and this and hey presto you have a profitable company, but if you stick your head in the sand and ignore all these things you’ll get left behind. Social media continues to be relavant so you have to find some form that will fit into your life.

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